April 2018

The Bear and the Nightingale

Last week we talked about the book The Hazel Wood. I have finished it and thought it was a pretty good book that should get a sequel. It felt unfinished, and while I understand the issues that people had with it, I think some weren't as warranted as others. The whole scene about privilege that failed to have a point or educate any further was probably the worst for me. The story itself could have used less introduction and a meatier journey toward the outcome but I still enjoyed it very much.

The Hazel Wood

I am only a few chapters into The Hazel Wood and am hooked, which is very exciting for me. I've been stuck in some major doldrums this year and it's the first book that's got me excited to read again, which is how I often kick the blues. But some of the reviews I've seen are giving me pause. Lots of readers seem to have big issues with this book, and while I'm not going to read those reviews until I'm finished, I'm wondering what's in store for me.