March 2018

Create a Goodreads List

Do you have a love of reading, a business that might involve reading books or anything you want to promote? You might want to create a Goodreads book list to help highlight your services. So many blogs offer book lists, whether as random shares or targeted information for their audiences, without offering links to share the books. Some of these do link to but if you create a Goodreads List, your audience just might thank you.


2018 has had me in a whirl of emotion and change. Between home, health, financial issues, transportation, anxiety... I've got something going on in just about every sector. It's also the year my child becomes a teen, which is also loaded with emotion for me. The other day a friend recommended a book for me and I can't wait to dive into it.

Creepy Fairy Tales

If you're familiar with the origins of most fairy tales, you know that many of them have bloody, heinous origins. You might know about Cinderella's stepsisters' feet being mutilated in order to fit the glass slipper, or Snow White's stepmother being forced to dance in red hot shoes until she died at her wedding.