February 2018

Lucky Penny

The dynamic duo who pen and illustrate Johnny Wander have a fantastic graphic novel out called Lucky Penny. Okay, it's a couple of years old, but it was new to me when I devoured it yesterday morning. It's a hilarious adventure featuring unlucky Penny who loses her job and apartment all at once and has to live in a storage unit.

New Book From Tamora Pierce!

As one of those writers, parents and readers who could rip on Twilight all day long, you know I've got some counter-suggestions for tween and teen literature up my sleeve. One of my top recs is none other than Tamora Pierce's books, which are adventurous, romantic and inspiring reads that tweens and teens of all genders can enjoy. Song of the Lioness and its sequels are especially dear to my heart and I think anyone would love to be alongside brave Alanna as she poses as a boy to achieve her dreams.