November 2017

Third Grade Reading Retention Law

Forget No Child Left Behind. In 2020, Michigan will join 15 states pushing a Third Grade Retention Reading Law, which states that children who can't read at grade level will be held back in third grade rather than progressing to the next grade level. While there are definitely pros and cons to the program, those against it are worried that it will put up to 70% of ELL students behind due to its restrictions. 

Publisher's Weekly Best Books of 2017

Do you follow the Best Books lists published by Publishers Weekly? They have some amazing suggestions every year that are definitely worth looking into, and like many other listmakers, they also share a children's list. This year's major front runners for the adult list included the book about the untouchable caste of India, Ants Among Elephants, and book about spirit photography, The Apparitionists.

The Most Important Book You'll Ever Read

Most people can think of at least one book that really changed their way of thinking or their life somehow. Maybe it was an entirely new perspective, or a new school of philosophy. Some people say The Alchemist changed them forever; others say Harry Potter did! Plenty of people cite religious texts like The Bible and others might just say a good book they re-read over and over again. A friend of mine swears by The Little Prince.