October 2017


To be fair, is any graphic novel a long read? Some boring ones might be (and I think those are rare!) but the enjoyable ones seem like they're over in a blink! I just finished Bryan Lee O'Malley's Seconds and I already want to read it again. The mythology in this book is delicious! It's blended so seamlessly within the modern world and I'd love to see it adapted into a motion picture.


Noelle Stevenson is brilliant, and as hooked as I am on her Lumberjanes series, I'd never heard about Nimona until last weekend when my sister brought me a copy of the compilation of all of the graphic novels. It was such a fast joy to read that I had it finished the same day. Although rich with symbolism and awesome animation, it's the stellar writing that makes the series so good.

Book It! Begins

Pizza Hut has opened up their Book It! program again, giving kids across the country incentive to read. While I hope kids get to read out of sheer enjoyment, the program is a fun way to celebrate meeting their reading goals. What's great about the program is that Pizza Hut leaves the goals up to the teachers (or homeschoolers) doing the program. You may want to read so many books, pages, minutes or another fun reading goal.