June 2017

Re-Reading The Dark Tower

Are you getting ready for The Dark Tower film yet? Stephen King has a huge year this year, what with TV shows, films, books and a tour going on. He's even going to be in my hometown (sadly they are already sold out, so I won't be attending). I've heard a lot of people talk about how they plan on re-reading The Dark Tower to prep for the big film starring Idris Elba (woohoo!). It has been so long since I've read the book that I think I'll do the same.

Summer Library Reading Programs

Every summer and winter, we participate in our local library reading incentive programs. You're going to read anyway, so why not? In the case of our library, you count the number of minutes you read until you reach a certain level for prizes. You also get entered to win drawings for items like iPads and Kindles, but we've never won any of those prizes. Nevertheless, I highly encourage anyone to join these programs because they do offer some pretty awesome rewards.

The Other Einstein

Those who've studied Albert Einstein at all may already know that his wife, Mileva Maric, was just as brilliant if not more so than her husband. Evidence has been presented that supports the claim that she may even be behind some of his most famous works, which is not hard to imagine. Women in the early 1900s were not readily given credit for scientific work, after all.

The Nordic Theory of Everything

In the West, we tend to de-value free time, down time and even sleep, taking pride in not taking time off, rushing around and being busy. Socrates said, "Beware the barrenness of a busy life," and he was right. Many other countries, particularly Nordic ones, know that pleasure and self-care are instrumental in a happy, healthy life. In Anu Partanen's The Nordic Theory of Everything, you will learn about everything from stress reduction to improving relationships.