April 2017

Reading Can Reduce Stress Levels

When my daughter was a baby, I went two years without reading a single book. As a lifetime bookworm, I had no idea the kind of impact this would have on me. It wasn’t a conscious decision; I just had no time between her, working and finishing college. When I realized why I felt so depressed, I don’t think it was postpartum depression so much as reading withdrawal.

Should Any Books Be Banned?

When it comes to banning books, most bibliophiles are vehemently against the practice. There’s no room for censorship among artists and free thinkers, right? When parents want to ban books like To Kill a Mockingbird or One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest from high school reading lists, most lovers of literature protest, arguing that the themes of these books are important for young adults to experience.

Find Learning and Adventures in the Know Yourself Program

If your child enjoys reading graphic novels and is interested in how his or her body works, you may be interested in the Know Yourself subscription box program. Each month, your child will receive a comic book, science and art activities, an activity book and cool extras to help them learn more about themselves and their bodies.