November 2012

Painted toast art project

Artwork you can eat.

I just saw a recipe on Pinterest that I had totally forgotten about. Most preschools and elementary schools have used this art project because it is simple and fun. I see much potential to expand upon this as it captures the attention of young children. I plan on sharing it with all of my homeschooling friends.

To make the painted toast you will need the following ingredients:

A day in the life of a homeschooler

A sample of what my daughter's life is like as a homeschooler.

If you don't homeschool, chances are you have the wrong idea about homeschooling. I come across this almost on a weekly basis when people ask my daughter where she goes to school and I give the famous, “She's homeschooled” answer. Because there is such a misconception associated with homeschooling, I decided to write about a typical homeschool day.

6:00 am Everyone starts waking up.

What makes a book a book?

According to Andrew Piper, it's the paper and thread.

The holidays are coming, which means that I am preparing myself to have the same conversation over and over again with my elderly relatives. They fear this crazy new thing called "eBooks," and they think I am wrong and bad for promoting them. As if, by owning a Kindle, I am personally touching a lit match to the driest corner of the Library of Alexandria.

Four Side Businesses That Work Well With Home Schooling

Even before I was a mom, it seemed as if money was always tight. Now with four children in additional to my husband and me and an abundance of animals, it seems that the dollar doesn't go quite as far. So, since we wanted to live debt free and still continue homeschooling the kids, I decided to explore side business models which would work well with schooling, caretaking, and living.

Loving the freedom homeschooling affords

Learning while bowling

Every day I marvel at the amount of freedom that homeschooling affords. Tomorrow is my daughter's 13th birthday. Instead of getting up and following a normal routine of getting on a bus and going to school, I get to make this day special for her. I'm not saying that she will get out of learning, although I could let her if I wanted to. We'd just have to work on Saturday instead.

Where to buy homeschool books

Get a homeschool curriculum at an affordable price

I recently got a call from a friend asking me where one can purchase homeschool books. Those who are just starting out with homeschooling may not know the ins and outs when it comes to curriculum. Fortunately, this is something that you can learn rather quickly.

First, for children in preschool through kindergarten, there is no need to purchase expensive curriculum sets. Staples and even the Dollar Store have workbooks that you can use. These young children are going to learn more from visual demonstrations than from a book. Consider doing as many hands-on activities as you can at this age.

Second, if you happen to be of the Christian faith, use Christian Book Distributors to get your homeschool curriculum. They have an entire section devoted to homeschool books that includes everything you will need all the way through high school. This is where I get a large majority of my books. They are cheaper than on any other website.