June 2010

The Dorothy Parker Reader: Not as Gloomy as You Might Think

If one were inquisitive enough to seek out various writerly types and query each about literary heroes, no doubt names like William Faulkner, Hank Charles Bukowski and that guy who wrote about bull fights would crop up pretty frequently. The thing is, with those last two fellows perhaps more than the first, is that not only were they each one trick ponies to a certain extent, their writing wasn’t too entertaining.

All of those gents, though, might be thought of as overtly masculine writers, though. And for that alone, each should be commended. With the likes of Tom Robbins and his cohort traipsing about on the outer lying edges of acceptable, mainstream lit, it serves everyone who takes an interest in the written word to figure out why there aren’t more women writers making huge gains in publishing – or anywhere.