May 2010

Well Worth a Read: "The Shack"

William Paul Young wrote an incredible book, "The Shack," and it is no surprise that it is a #1 New York Times Bestseller and has over two million copies in print.  It's written as therapy for the author, as he relates very closely to the pain inside of the main character, Mackenzie Allen Philips.  Young held in deep, dark secrets of sexual abuse, a none relationship with his parents, and adultery, while Mack battled a terrible relationship with his father and the loss of his youngest daughter.  According to USA Today, "Young functioned by stuffing all the evil done to him and by him into a "shack" — his metaphor for an ugly, dark place hidden so deeply within him that it seemed beyond God's healing reach."

Pirate Potter: Unauthorized Chinese Harry Potter Knock-Offs

I'm familiar with the term "piracy" as it relates to eBooks - either genuine eBook files being distributed online, or regular books where someone has sliced off the binding and fed the whole thing into an automated scanner.  These things are bad, agreed, but they seem so… pedestrian… compared to the Chinese unauthorized Harry Potter books!

Turns out, Harry Potter is as popular in China as he is here in the United States.  And Chinese publishing companies are not about to waste that opportunity!  This hilarious article looks at 11 different Harry Potter pirate manuscripts.