October 2008

If Google Chose Our President

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Call it a slow day at the office, but I wondered out loud today how our four Presidential and Vice Presidential candidates are doing on google - which is to say, how much is being written about them and to what extent are people searching for them. Before I knew it, I was off gathering some crude 'data' just to see what, if any, trends emerged. Candidate Related Content My first question was how much information is out there about each candidate? How is it spread out across formats?

The Sarah Palin Big Oil Book Big Marketing Blitzkrieg

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Say that five times fast and then imagine my surprise when my little Sarah Palin article got such an immediate response, and in the form of an advertisement no less! (see comment #1 in Sarah Palin's Big Book Deal ). Unbeknownst to me, there will soon be a 'tell-all' book entitled "Sarah Takes on Big Oil" hitting the stands. Boy, gosh, do I ever know about it now. The advertising wing of the publisher was kind enough to correct my oversight and plug the book in a comment. What I found interesting is that this book is being published by none other than a group called 108 Petroleum Newspapers of Alaska, a division of PNA publishing (Petroleum Newspapers of Alaska). My question to the blogoshpere: is this as bad as it sounds? Is this the Petroleum Industry rewriting history to give a Green tint to a vice presidential candidate?

Sarah Palin's Big Book Deal

It could hardly escape our notice here at Realbook.com that where Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin goes, the printed page follows. Other than the enormous amount of ink spilled on Palin every day in the media, there have already been the obligatory instant biographies soon to hit the shelves. Today we learn that infamous Palin satirist Tina Fey has landed a book deal at a healthy $5-6 million. Naturally the buzz about this is that Fey's excellent Palin impression had much to do with this deal (never mind that she has been a well respected rising star for years now). All of this just makes us wonder how soon we can expect to hear of a book deal for Palin herself. Obviouly, a McCain/Palin loss would be much more likely to produce such a deal much much sooner.