June 2006

Victoria Gaines

For a wonderfully uplifting look at the craft of writing, pay a visit to a beautiful blog by Victoria Gaines entitled Light for the Writer's Soul. Here you will find insipiration on how you can become a better writer, a better friend, and an all around better person. If you have writer's block and think that you would like to take a more spiritiual look at the art of writing, then the words of award winning blogger Victoria Gaines may be able to help you out of the slump. Visit her website, Light for the Writer's Soul at victoriagaines.com.

Writer's Path

If you need a good blog to read that has information on writing tips, and publishing tips, then this website from Vikk Simmons may be something to add to your daily web reading material. The website is called Down the Writer's Path and can be found at thewriterspath.com This website has many informative links as well as blog postings for different writing issues such as web/tech writing, fiction, and e-publishing. There is also a guide to basic writing references and links to common writing associations. Check this blog out, and then check out books by the author Vikk Simmons: Divided Loyalties, xploring Texas History-Weekend Adventures, Exploring Houston with Children, and more!

Wendy Wootton

Wendy Wootton from the UK has a blog that I feel like linking to today. Why? Because she shares my love for Vincent D'Onofrio, and apprently it's his birthday today! Wendy Wootton has several published books such as The Stranger, Entertaining Mr. Stone, Lessons and Lovers, Sex on the Move, Sex and Music, and Sex and Shopping which can be found on Amazon.com. However, these books are published under her pseudonym Portia Da Costa.She is published by Black Lace in the U.K. and Ellora's Cave in the U.S.. Portia Da Costa's novels definitely look steamy. I may have to check out what she has to offer!


For all things writing, check out www.writing.com. Writing.com is a website available for aspriring and current writers to read about other writers and rate them based on how you like the blog that they are writing. One thing I like about this website is the "plug page". They tell you to be shameless and go ahead and plug yourself or someone else's work. I think I will plug realbook.com on the site to see how it works. I'd like to link writing.com to this site because a lot of the people who come here would love to have a writing site they could go to for writing tips and help.www.writing.com. is definitely a cool website you should check out if you need some help with your writing, or if you just want a place to surf and check out cool blogs.

Ethical Philosophy

Have you ever wondered about philosophy? Did you take it in college and not remember it, or did you fail to learn about philosophy throughout the ages. Some people just don't care. The blog for Wil Cone, Moyen Age has information on Wil Cone's ethical philosophy as well as links for you to take a quiz to find out yours as well. Come to this site to find out what Wil Cone is currently reading, or has read in the past. Get some insight into what kind of reading material a medievalist would be reading. Expand your mind and try to take in something other than what you're used to. Check out Moyen Age and add it to your favorite blog list!

Wicked Heat

There are tons of romance authors with blogs out there, and I'm going to try to post every single one I can find. Wicked Heat is a blog I found by romance author Paige Burns. Travel with her on an adventure into discovering her own sexual identity while she embarks on a erotic romance writing career. In her blog she admits that she is not as experienced in sex as one may guess from reading her novels. However, she also lets us know she's looking at trying new things to get a more authentic look at what she's writing about. Good luck! I bet your writing will get better and better with more new and interesting experiences!

Dave Clapper

Dave Clapper is a fellow Seattleite and the founding editor of SmokeLong Quarterly, a published magazine of flash fiction stories that take less than 10 minutes to read (or the time it takes one to finsih a cigarette). His blog which you can find on blogspot discusses other similar publications as well as SmokeLong quarterly. Apparently SmokeLong Quarterly, according to Dave's blog, is picking up a lot of great reviews. They now have 3 years worth of publications! I'm going to have to see if I can find this magazine somewhere around town. I'm really digging the artwork he has up on the SmokeLong Quarterly website, it's really cool. It's great to see other people in Seattle working their way through the writing world. Keep it up Dave!

Southern Expressions

Southern Expressions is the blog of a 22 year old of young adult and horror fiction novels. Her name is Andrea Allison, and she is from Oklahoma. She has an excellent blog right now regading prepositions and their usage. She also has several links to other writers as well as writing links. This is a great page to read if you need some help with your writing skills. We can all use a little refresher once in a while too. Southern Expressions will give you a little nudge in the write direction.

The Lost Fort

The Lost Fort is the blog of Gabriele Campbell who lives in Germany. She is a historical fiction writer with several upcoming novels including books in her Endangered Frontiers series: The Charioteer, Towards the Kingdom of Tolosa, and The Burgundian. She also has other novels including Storm over Hadrian's Wall and Kings and Rebels. Take a trip back into a fictitious character in history and live in a world you can only imagine. Check out Gabriele's blog at The Lost Fort .

Stealing Heaven

Stealing Heaven from the Lips of God is a novel by writer Dee Rimbaud who writes from varios locations throughout Europe. From the sound of what I've read thus far on his blog and about his writing, this should be very interesting..... His blog links to his novel Stealing Heaven from the Lips of God, a collection of poetry, Dropping Ecstasy with the Angels, has a cover tha looks like a very surreal hallucination.

Dee Rimbaudwrites for the "chemical generation". This generation includes a set of people that have delved into a world of alternate reality with such drugs as LSD (Acid) and Ecstasy. It will be interesting to see how the "chemical generation" of today differentiates from the hippie movement back in the 1960's or the drug era of the 1970's. What makes people different now? I know at least the people in the United States seem much more apathetic. Anyone under the age of 25 has never known scarcity. It's a strange world we live in this day and age.

Books 4 Katrina

Hi All! One of our featured writers, Cathlynn Richard Dodson, mentioned that she had sent some of her books to the different libraries down in New Orleans. What a great idea! I tend to forget that people lost pretty much everything down there, and that includes all of the books in the local libraries. If anyone would like to inquire about making book donations to the NOLA libraries, here is a website from NYFA (New York Foundation for the Arts) where you can find addresses to contact in order to donate. Thanks for the information Cate, what a great idea!


I went to school in Minnesota for film and telecommunications and had an interest in screenwriting. Of course I haven't done it in years, but when I landed on this blog today, it made me remember how much fun it is to see your vision up on the 'big' screen (or in my case small screen). I think I will frequent this blog to try to rekindle my interest in writing for the screen. This blog, Poetry in Motion is written by a stay at home mome coping with having two teenagers. Knowing what I was like as a teen, which wasn't incredibly long ago, I don't know how mom's can do it. It's definitely an intense age to be....

Dana Biscottie Myskowski is a professor of screenwriting at the University of New Hampshire and is currently working on a tv series that she is about to pitch. I'm rooting for her. TV has hit a slump, so it will be nice to see something new and exciting!

Romantic Comedian

Finally I've landed on someone from right here in the PacNW! Daisy Dexter Dobbsis an author currently calling the Pacific Northwest her home. She is an author of romantic comedy novels as well as erotic novels. Daisy's books include Wicked Payback, Polly's Perilious Pleasures, Just like a Dame, Caroline's Christmas Viking. If you like reading books filed with erotic situations and hot steamy sex, maybe you should check out what she has to offer!

Two Voices

Some may call it multiple personalities.... we call it two for the price of one! Bernadette Gardner and Jennifer Colgan are one writer with to styles. Bernadette Gardner authors "Steamy" science fiction/fantasy and Colgan is a paranormal romance author. How is it that one woman is able to turn into two separate voices? Passion and determination. To be able to keep writing in two separate genres must be a difficult task. Find out more about how it's done by reading Two Voices on blogger.

Chris Howard, author

Want to know what other authors are reading or writing? Chris Howard's blog will give you information that may interest you in his books or other books. These are definitely the types of blogs RealBook is interested in. Recently Chris co-authored a young adult novel with his daughter Chloe which is called The Wreath. He is also the author of a science fiction book called Nanonwhere. He also has written a few shorter publications which he discusses in the about me section of his blog. Hope you all check out his blog and comment on what you think!

Cate's Closet

Reading Cate's Closet blog is interesting because she admits right up front that you'll never know if you will be reading fact or fiction. She must be an enigma then because I'll have a hard time now trying to figure out if something is real or not! What an interesting concept. The author, Cathy Richard Dodson, has a book, Shadowed Memories, e-vailable as a POD download or ebook format. Do yourself a favor and get mixed up in a little reality...or is it fiction.. you'll never know with Cate's Closet!

Strictly Seductive

Multicultural Erotic Romance is the genre that this author, Anisa Damien, is known for. Her weblog Mahogany Lounge can be found on blogspot.com.

What I like about Anisa Damien's weblog is that it does not only focus on her and her own writings. Instead, she relies heavily on interaction with other writers, editors, and readers in the form of interviews posted on the side bar of the blog.

She also has a section called 'Mr. Seductive' which features Paul Walker! I hope this changes frequently. I love pictures of hot actors!
If you want to read some of the multi-cultural erotic novels of Anisa Damien's, she has a lot of information on her books in the blog. They include: Wild Impulses, Herrara's Temptation, and Jingle My Bell. She also has some upcoming novels titled Hot Flashes Baby it's Witchcraft, Midnight Whispers, Brown Suga Inc.. These books sound super sexy!


Have you ever considered getting a writing coach to help you get rid of that writer's block? Or how about just to help you create your own voice on paper. Lots of people have a desire to write, but most don't know where to begin. If you would like some information about starting out writing with a writing coach, this blog would be a good place to start. Allison Gresik is a fiction writer from Ontario who has recently decided to work with a writing coach to help hone her talent. She also has a website for aspiring writers called Wrestling the Angel: stories of the writing life. This may be a good place to check out if you have stories to share about your experiences, both good and bad, in the writing field.

If you would rather just experience some great fiction writing, you may want to check out her novel Brick and Mortar (Oberon Press 2000) or her many short stories and articles. You can find more information on those on her website at Gresik.ca

Allison Brennan

Suspense, thrills, muder, mystery.... it's what Allison Brennan does best. Her books include The Prey (Dec 2005), The Hunt (Jan. 2006), and The Kill (Feb 2006). These books have gotten good reviews!

On her blogat her official website you will find information about projects she is currently working on, and interesting websites she suggests for reading.

Allison Brennan is not only a writer, but she works for the people in the area of public policy. It's good to know people in the political sphere have great imaginations; it's so important to have!
Please check out Allison Brennan's blog , and then if you're interested pick up one of her books to see if you like it!

Dangerously Romantic

So, the first thing I notice when I happen upon Toni Anderson's Dangerously Romantic blog is a HOTTie in his undies. How can you NOT love a blog that looks like that?
Toni is an upcoming author who hails from Manitoba, Canada. Not only is she now a published writer, but she has a Ph.D in Marine Biology!
Toni's soon to be release novel, Her Sanctuary, will be available December of 2006 from Triskelion.
If you like to read romance that has intelligence behind it, Toni Anderson may be a great place to start. Visit her blog to find out more about her!