Horror lovers will enjoy this graphic novel

When I picked up a copy of Wytches at our local comic book shop, I thought it looked incredible. I read the prologue, which chilled me to the bone, and I believed the reviews by Stephen King and other critics who claimed that it would be the scariest graphic novel of all. While I can't confirm that the review held true upon completing the collection, it did prove to be scary and interesting, but most of all it was provocative, built with metaphors for the anxieties and depressions that many of us face in life. I'd argue that the story is more beautiful than scary, but it's definitely scary, too.

The premise is that a new family moves to an area where people are "pledged" to evil witches in the woods. Once you're pledged, you're gone, no matter what; they'll always find you. There's no slow buildup here, either; there's horror from page one, and Scott Snyder, whom comic lovers already adore from his other works, really created something personal and special in the book.

There's supposed to be another volume, along with the Halloween special that was released this year, and fans can follow Snyder on Goodreads for updates. Have you read Wytches? If so, what did you think?


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