The Winner's Curse

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Recently I joined a fun reading club on Facebook called The Page Turners. It's run by Chelsea Palmer, a booktuber who gives excellent book and book box subscription reviews. I love Palmer's videos so I thought I'd join and check out the club. This month's book is The Winner's Curse by Marie Rutkoski. The first book in a trilogy, The Winner's Curse is the story of a nation that has conquered a nation filled with art and music with its violent prowess. It's meant to mirror how the Romans conquered the Greeks, which intrigued me.

The story is a gripping one right off the bat, pulling you in to witness the auction of a slave right away, and the characters are interesting... at first. Later the book gets muddier, with too many little parties and visits with friends and too little world-building for it to be a successful book about political intrigue. The last 100 pages or so lost my attention, but I did finish it and I am curious to see what happens, even though one character becomes malicious out of the blue, another is an obvious plant and our heroine isn't as interesting as she seemed during the first chapter.

Did you read The Winner's Curse? What did you think? Post your thoughts in the chat below!

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