Well-Read Black Girl

A source for fantastic books

Have you ever wished that you could join a book club that exists nation-wide for women celebrating both Black readers and writers? Well-Read Black Girl is one such club. Since 2015 the club has highlighted favorite authors like Toni Morrison and Alice Walker as well as many newer writers that you might not be as familiar with. Like in-person book clubs, there are monthly meetings where members can discuss each month's selection as well as Twitter chats, readings and even an annual festival!

While Black History Month is a good time to join the mailing list and start reading Black authors, it's always a good time to do this, and if you've ever takent the challenge to read nothing but Black voices, women's literature, people of color's works or LGBT literature for a year you know how eye-opening it can be, especially if you don't identify with any of these descriptions. It's important to open ourselves up to a wide variety of voices, views and especially historical accounts especially since we're mostly raised on the perspective of rich white men throughout history.

What are you reading right now? What will your next book by a Black author be?

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