This Week's Reading

What are you reading this week?

Since the sickness has been strong in our house, I've been reading a lot. Reading and coughing are pretty much what I do right now. Some of the books I've read this week include:

Heir of Fire: This third book in the Throne of Glass series was the best so far! I struggled with the first two. I'd heard so many great things about the series that I felt I had to give it a shot but I never liked any of the characters (save one who died) until this book. This one was filled with actual action, suspense, red herrings and fantasy. I'm looking forward to the next one.

In An Absent Dream: The Wayward Children series is one of my favorites, and I enjoyed the latest book about those characters. It's a prequel, and like all of the others it left me wanting more time with the characters, but it was gorgeous and way too fast to read. You pretty much lament that the book's done two hours after you open it with this series but they're like candy, they're so good.

Rat Queens: This comic series has been in my TBR pile for a long time and I'm not disappointed. I read the first volume and think it's just fantastic! A gang of four mischief making women, all from different supernatural backgrounds, wreak havoc, drink too much, sleep around and get pretty dang violent. It's not for kids, folks. But it's gooood.

What are you reading this week? 

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