Third Grade Reading Retention Law

Law goes into effect in 2020

Forget No Child Left Behind. In 2020, Michigan will join 15 states pushing a Third Grade Retention Reading Law, which states that children who can't read at grade level will be held back in third grade rather than progressing to the next grade level. While there are definitely pros and cons to the program, those against it are worried that it will put up to 70% of ELL students behind due to its restrictions. 

The rate is even worse for male students as well as students from low income families. While the idea is to ensure that no child leaves school illiterate, it may also result in more crowded classrooms once it's implemented and children are retained to their previous grade levels. It also puts students with disabilities and reading difficulties at a disadvantage, particularly those with dyslexia and other disabilities who may require more assistance.

What do you think of the Third Grade Retention Reading Law? Do you think it will help or hurt students in the long run?


Photo courtesy of Wikipedia

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