In The Tall Grass

Will you read it before you see it?

If you're planning on watching Stephen King and Joe Hill's In the Tall Grass coming up on Netflix, you should be warned that it's a pretty graphic novella, and that it doesn't feel as Stephen King-y as it should. I haven't read any Hill yet, but I've read that King's son isn't as refined as his father when it comes to writing, and that crassness certainly showed in this work. I've loved most of King's books, but this one didn't do anything for me. Much of it made no sense, the most horrific part was written for pure shock value that doesn't move you after you've already read a scene like that in a much more meaningful context (looking at you, Cormac McCarthy), and the ending was just like so many other works of horror that it felt like re-reading somethng vaguely remembered. I was more entertained by the "tall, dry grass" in the film The Croods.

Luckily I read the audio book, which didn't include what many fans complained about: excerpts from both authors' other works. I've read that many fans felt like they'd been duped into spending money on what should have been free peeks into the works, which is just a bummer. I don't understand why the authors would do that. Not only are they incredibly successful, but many authors far less successful offer free previews on a regular basis. I'm also not sure how they're going to stretch it into a full movie. I could see it being made into a 30-minute program. It might work for a more Creepshow-like format, but a full movie? I don't think so. I'm super excited about the next King full novel release, though, which sounds like we're revisiting Firestarter themes.

What did you think of In the Tall Grass? Will you be reading it before you watch it? Share what you thought in the chat. 

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