Summer of Salt

The perfect summer read

I've never been one to really get into "summer reads," particularly when they're about the beach, traveling or any other summer activities. That just doesn't represent me; I grew up not knowing what a vacation meant, except that I babysat my constantly fighting siblings instead of attending school. So it was a pleasant surprise when I read my Page Turners pick of the month for June and really enjoyed it.

First of all, there's magic in this book. Lots of it. So that helps! It's about twin sisters in a family of witches. There's love, there's LGBTQ representation (the main character), there's a mystery and there's witchcraft. There's also darkness, and although there aren't any graphic scenes, some disturbing content. The book is predictable, but it's written in a way that feels very much like Practical Magic (the author even cites it as inspiration), and the magic, friendship and representation are so good I don't even care. There's an asexual character, a judge who doesn't think women are "asking for it" and other refreshing content that would be nice to see visibly in a perfect world.

What summer reads are you enjoying right now?

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