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Can you believe that summer's nearly here? I'm so excited to dig into my summer to-be-read pile. Some of the books I'm hoping to read look incredible and I can't wait to get into them:

Into the Drowning Deep: This Mira Grant novel is about the existence of man-eating mermaids and I'm hooked already. I've read a few pages in but the very idea alone is addictive, isn't it? I bet she got the idea for this one from that terrible mermaid mockumentary they aired on Animal Planet that had everyone believing in them!

Strange the Dreamer: This Laini Taylor novel has been on my list forever. I'm a huge Taylor fan and have read everything else she's written so I can't wait for this one. My memory isn't what it used to be, so I find myself waiting to read a lot of trilogies or books with sequels when they're all released so I can read them together, but I'm having a hard time waiting!

Angelfall: I'm new to Susan Ee but this book has great reviews, and it's about a teen who has to save her younger sister after the apocalypse and I'm down for that. My book club is reading it for the month and it looks like an exciting book. 

So what's on your TBR? Share your books in the chat.


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