Summer Re-Reading

What's on your to re-read list?

Each month my family tries to do at least one read-aloud together, although we are able to do multiple books during the months my throat's healthy and we have a lot of commuting to do in the car! This month, we are re-reading one of my favorite series that I read many years ago, but my family did not: Rick Riordan's Percy Jackson adventures. After one chapter in the car today, my husband and teen were practically shouting over the differences between the book and film, making me groan, "What did I tell you when we saw it?!" The film was one of my least favorite adaptations of a book, and as I'm a person who LOVES different takes and adaptations on beloved book material, that's saying something.

It's already so much fun to read this one aloud, especially since it's in first person, which I think is the easiest POV to read aloud. My teen and another made pacts to read books recommended by one another this summer, and this was the book the kid wanted read, so there's that, too. My teen's pick for him? Harry Potter and the Cursed Child!

What books are you re-reading lately? Share your favorites in the chat!

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