Startling Harry Potter Revelations

Spoilers and disturbing facts ahead!

Harry Potter fans are well aware that Harry Potter Book Night is fast approaching on February 4, and many youth groups and schools have fun plans to celebrate the day, from games and activities to simply re-reading the wonderful series. Since the series ended, author J. K. Rowling has revealed many secrets about the world of Hogwarts, some on the website Pottermore and some on social media, others in her fabulous interviews. One of the most disturbing facts that we recently learned is that when wizards had to use the bathroom prior to the invention of plumbing, they simply went wherever they needed to go and vanished their waste!

Is it as disturbing as the news that Lavender Brown was killed, or that Snape was pretty much an incel or that the reason Fred died was because George was the "nicer twin"? Maybe not, but it's still quite the revelation and it has fans reeling. Of course, when you think about it, it's almost as convenient as Apparating, isn't it? And I totally don't blame wizard parents whose kids need to go while watching the movies...

What other Harry Potter revelations have you discovered since reading the books?

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