Sharing An Old Favorite

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Have you ever re-read a book aloud with someone you love after you already read it by yourself and fell in love with it? It's a whole new experience, isn't it? It took a couple of years for my family to read through all of the Harry Potter books together, but it was almost as much fun as it was reading it through the first time. In fact, I'd argue that some books were even more fun because I got to see their reactions and remember things I'd forgotten.

Now we are doing the same with the Percy Jackson series and I have to say that I love it so much more as a family read-aloud. I really liked the books, for sure, but I didn't love and connect with them like I do now. Discussing them together really makes them come alive on a whole new level, and my kiddo loves discussion questions and peppering me with questions about each book. On the other hand, when I read a book I've never read aloud before, I find myself struggling to really understand what's happening sometimes, especially if I'm trying to give voices and build good tension in an unfamiliar scene.

What do you think of re-reading books with loved ones? Share your experiences in the chat.

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