The Lunar Chronicles continue to be awesome

I'm so glad to have picked up The Lunar Chronicles, particularly after I finished the last installment of Saga and am now heartbroken from it. (Let's be honest, fans; we all knew this was coming. It wouldn't be Brian K. Vaughan if it didn't happen.) I finished Scarlet in a day and just picked up Cress, and I'd rather just read it than deal with all the terrible feels I'm having this time of year. Spoilers ahead!

In Scarlet, our story continues after our cyborg hero escapes prison with a handsome, if sort of clueless, criminal with his own ship. He defintiely has a Han Solo vibe, but as fun as he is it's Scarlet and Wolf (obviously the story of Little Red Riding Hood) that the book really focuses on. Scarlet's on the search for her missing grandmother and Wolf, a highly trained soldier, is also on the hunt, and while I won't give away any clues (obvious or otherwise!) I will say that I love both characters even more than Cinder, Iko, Kai and the rest of the characters from book one. The fairy tales in space continue with more tech, more modern twists and much more action.

I would totally suggest this series for anyone else hoping to escape the fall doldrums or to just enjoy a great series. What are you reading right now? Have you read this series?

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