Romancing the Ordinary

A year of mindful moments

Whether you're looking for a way to slow down and savor each season or just a method to connect to yourself a bit more in general, Sarah Ban Breathnach's Romancing the Ordinary is the book you need. It's organized by month and offers quotes, recipes, soulful introspection and activities to do to stay in touch with yourself throughout all twelve months of the year. It's even designed with a rustic, uneven page format that makes you feel as if you are delving into something deeper than a book... which, you are!

Between exercises that acknowledge your own courage and beauty to commentary about everything from socks to pearls, the book offers ways for you to do small yet meaningful actions each month to enjoy some self-care and even, at times, pampering. The recipes for one are especially good, as are the journaling exercises that the author suggests.

Do you have a book that you use on a daily or monthly basis to help stay connected to the seasons or yourself? Tell us about it in the chat!


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