Have you read this Marissa Meyer series?

Last week we discussed Marissa Meyer's Heartless, which I loved, so of course I went and picked up a copy of her latest trilogy, Renegades, at the library! I love the premise of this series. It's a world in which people with super powers were treated like secondary citizens, so they rebelled and created a somewhat post-apocalyptic environment. The book takes place many years later and, so far, sheds light on the issues with both heroes and villains alike. 

It feels a lot longer than Cinder, the first of her last series of books, but it makes sense since she's covering so much history in a short span of time. Still, I'm over 100 pages in and it feels like the story itself has yet to begin. The first chapter was gripping, but I think the action sequences confuse me a bit; when it comes to action, I prefer comics/graphic novels (which Meyer has written, too!) and movies. I think this series would work much better as one of those. Still, there are some great characters in this story and I'm excited to see where it takes me. 

Have you read this series yet? The final book is supposed to come out this year, but perhaps you've read the first and/or second books. What did you think? Share your thoughts in the chat.

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