Ready Player One

How did anyone love this book?

As a geeky Millennial who hid comic books in my math book, drew X-Men and had a Mogwai as my "lovely" as a little kid, you can imagine how excited I was to read Ready Player One. I'd heard great things about it from so many people whose opinions I'd previously trusted (ha!) and read it aloud with my 13-year-old. Holy cow, was it hard to finish. I get loving all of the references; I love it when Supernatural peppers them in, too. But they do it well. This was just, "I know this obscure reference, nyah!" And everyone claps when you know a piece of trivia someone else doesn't? No, dude. That's how you know a story ISN'T real. 

The whole thing was boring, transphobic and misogynistic, not to mention nothing but the author's fantasy about himself featuring more exposition than anyone could ever care to read. The dialogue hurt my eyes, it was so cringey, as my teen called it. I know it was a first book so I thought we'd give it another go for the next one but I've read reviews that say it's very similar. My 13-year-old, who might be even more geek-tastic than me and plays Dungeons and Dragons and loves Neil Gaiman, the Goonies, Back to the Future, etc. says that it reads like an incel wrote it and I'd have to agree with them.

I'm so bummed out by this book. I'm trying to get into my next one but it's leaving a bad taste in my mouth, too (Stalking Jack the Ripper). What awesome YA reads have you enjoyed lately? Share some good ones in the chat.


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