October Reads

What are you reading?

We recently invited everyone to take part in our October Read-A-Thon together, and my family and I are about a third of the way through Coraline already! If you're reading along, how are you liking it? What are you thinking about when it comes to the differences between the movie and the book? It's my kid and husband's first time so they are very surprised by the differences! Next week we'll be moving on to The Graveyard Book so be sure to chime in with your thoughts.

On my own, I'm making my way through Marissa Meyer's Heartless, which I LOVE and it is going well with several of my costume themes for this week. My family and I do 31 Days of Costumes (and Halloween movies, and Inktober, and a few other things!) and I have several Wonderland ones worked in this year. 

How about you? What else are you reading this month? Share it in the chat!

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