Nights of the Living Dead

Bite-sized zombie stories for all of your brain-eating pleasure

I love a good zombie book, but what I love even more is a good short story collection. As a busy mom, homeschooler, writer and a bunch of other things, I often don't have time to read a full novel very quickly anymore (especially the 600-page doorstops that are published today), but I do have time for a satisfying story in between classes and events. I've always loved short stories, though, and the collection Nights of the Living Dead is sure to be a new favorite. I'm only about a third of the way in but I'm already really enjoying the stories.

It's compiled by Jonathan Mayberry and none other than George Romero himself, the godfather of zombies well before today's zombie even existed as it is (in the book, there's a big point about how his zombies were "ghouls" and not zombies at the time). So far I've read some really great stories that take place around an event much like the one in the film and their nature makes them possible in any time period from then until now, which is really fun. 

What scary books have you read lately? What are you reading for Halloween? Share them in the chat.

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