N.E.W.T.S. Magical Read-A-Thon

Are you participating?

While I had every intention of joining the NEWTS Magical Read-a-Thon, August ended up being much busier than I expected and I totally missed it. I know there are four days left, and I could probably cram the books I read for my library reading club together with a couple of short novels, but I think I'll just make plans for next August, which we plan on taking off from many of the things we normally do. 

That said, if any of you did the NEWTS this month, I'd love to hear about what you read! I'm always looking for the next big read that will completely capture my attention, and it seems like books of that calibre are rarer and rarer. If you have favorites, please post them here in the chat.

Are there any great read-a-thons coming up in September we should be aware of? Share those here, too! 

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