Little Free Libraries in Unexpected Places

Would you set one up?

Little Free Libraries warm my heart every time I see them, and this example is no exception. Repurposing a dead old stump into an actual mini library is a stroke of brilliance! It's such a fun way to create something new and useful out of something most people would simply get rid of, and it serves the community at the same time.

Setting up a Little Free Library has always been something I've wanted to do and I have it on my bucket list for 2019. You can order a kit from the company or build your own, but I think you do have to dub it something else if you build your own since it's a trademarked name. It's a fantastic way to recycle books, meet new people in your community and just make it a more welcoming space!

Do you have a free library in your neighborhood? Have you ever used one before?

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