Life's Library

John Green's book club

Life's Library isn't a book club for John Green fans who are expecting to read his works. Instead, it's a collection of books selected by Green and Rosianna Halse Rojas that's curated around a community of readers who get to discuss the books online together. Every six weeks, the club discusses a new book in a Discord community. The books aren't chosen around a theme, just books that the curators really enjoyed and want to share with the community.

My sister bought me the first month's physical book club set for my birthday. The set, which includes the book, a sticker, some book plates, a letter and other goodies, is $25 including shipping, but if you want to buy your book used and skip the goodies, you can get digital packages for $10 per month, which include digital downloads and access to the club.

Are you joining any book clubs in 2019? If so, which ones? Share your links in the chat.

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