The Journey: An Important Refugee Tale for Children

While there are plenty of books floating around with positive messages, social issue commentary and progressive lessons to be learned, too many are filled with banal platitudes or saccharine endings that do not provide justice for reality and truth. That’s why books like The Journey are so important.

This children’s picture book may look like a pretty tale to be told, but it uses its imagery to help depict the horror of war and violence without being too scary for children to digest. It shows a family not only lose a member (whether he is killed or missing remains unclear), but also have to leave behind belongings and endure a harsh world as they attempt to make a new life outside their war-torn home. It’s an incredibly important discussion to have today more than ever, and the book provides an excellent starting point for such a topic.

Have you come across any other great refugee books for children or teens lately?


Photo courtesy of Wikipedia