A Sherlockian Fantasy

Over the past week I had the chance to read the book Jackaby by William Ritter and while it was predictable in terms of who (but not what!) the villain was, the whole concept of the book was so much fun. It's about a girl, Abigail Rook, who wants a life of adventure in the late 1800s. She decides to run off with her boarding school money to hunt for dinosaurs, then to travel to America where she ends up working for Jackaby, a detective and scientist who happens to be able to see supernatural beings.

Jackaby is part Grimm, part Sherlock, and his obliviousness to humans coupled with his kindness for them is endearing. Rook is also an interesting character who struggles with disappointing her family while trying to be true to herself, particularly in a time when it's frowned upon for women to do anything but find a suitable marriage. There are all kinds of creatures, some sort-of-gory violence and even a cool ghost to meet in the book. The characters alone make it worth the read but I think I'll return to just to see more of what's in Jackaby's house.

What have you been reading lately?

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