It's The Real Deal

It, Chapter 2, That Is

There's been a big trend to modify Stephen King adaptations lately, and while most of these attempts have fallen flat, It: Chapter 2 is the real deal. (Spoilers ahead.) Its modifications, like Bill's attempt to save a child, actually make sense and deepen the movie without totally changing King's meaning, and it's even more loyal to the book than its 1990s predecessor. While it's not 100% true to the book, the changes maintain the book's integrity and actually further elucidate both meaning and character development. I have to say, this may be my favorite adaptation of King's horror works. In the past, I've loved Shawshank Redemption, Stand by Me and Green Mile, but none of them were this type of work, and his scary movies often don't translate well to screen. This did.

It's not fresh by Rotten Tomatoes means, but neither was the original TV series. Part I performed much better with the critics, and Part 1 was really a better movie. Both parts deliver King in a way that no film has been able to achieve, which delights me to no end, even though Part 2 really wasn't very scary and was actually more comedic. Part 1 definitely had more thrills and chills. 

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