The Institute

Another gripping tale from Stephen King

My heart is completely broken and it's all Stephen King's fault. It often is.

After finishing The Institute, I had a love-hate relationship like I often do with his books. I loved the characters; I hate how I had to stop and cry multiple times, once less than 100 pages in. I loved the nods to The Shop (Firestarter) and Stranger Things; I didn't like how parts of the action seemed so rushed, especially after pages of depicting other events. And while I loved to hate the baddies per usual, I couldn't help but think them all rather incompetent for their roles--but also a pretty accurate depiction of a lot of evil in the world today.

One of the things I really missed were the usual supernatural vibes that practically make the page throb. King used a different tone here, and while the elements are still there, they aren't as in your face. It worked sometimes, sometimes not as much. No matter what, it was still an enjoyable book that grabs you by the gut and doesn't let go until the end, and that's what we read King for in the first place. I loved it.

Have you read The Institute? What did you think?

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