The House with a Clock In Its Walls

Readers may be let down

This past summer my family and I read House with a Clock in its Walls to not only prepare for the film but to have some fun. We love a good fantasy as well as a mystery and we're always reading something aloud. While the book wasn't a favorite (there was too much tell-not-showing, too much dawdling until the actual action and a few other things that made me fall asleep while reading pages to my family), it was still enjoyable with lots of fun elements, particularly in the end. With those thoughts in mind, we thought we might enjoy an action-packed (as most films are wont to be these days) film version much better.

Unfortunately that was not the case. While my daughter enjoyed it well enough, my husband and I were unimpressed with the major changes in the movie, from the elimination of the best battle between two witches, which is what we were most looking forward to in the film, to the presence of a weird demon with a long tongue and a bunch of weird puppets. It felt like a bunch of "ooh! scary movie!" tricks were employed to attempt to make the story scarier instead of really focusing on the story. When we saw Eric Kripke and Eli Roth tied to the movie, my husband and I both quirked our eyebrows. These two are great for horror; for spooky teen kids fantasy, not so much.

Have you seen the film? What did you think of it?

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