Holiday Reading Challenges!

Which ones are you doing?

While I'm a little late on sharing the holiday challenges I'm taking part in, several of them don't even start until this weekend, so there's time to participate! From December 15-21 there is A Very Merry Read-a-Thon, the Grinchathon is from Dec. 15 through the 21st as well, and the one I'm most excited about, the Ghost-a-Thon, starts on the 20th and runs through the end of the month. (Christmastime is ghost time in many countries!) The Tis the Seasonathon has passed, but you can still do the prompts if you like!

So far I've only read two books for the Tis the Season challenge, and I've got two in progress for the others. I may share my thoughts on them later (the completed books were 10 Blind Dates, which is a cute Christmas YA read, and A Lesson in Thorns, which is a BDSM/mystery for adults), but right now I'd like to jump back into the books I'm currently reading, which are Discount Armageddon and The Institute.

What read-a-thons are you doing this holiday season? Share them in the chat!

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