The Hazel Wood

How did you like it?

I am only a few chapters into The Hazel Wood and am hooked, which is very exciting for me. I've been stuck in some major doldrums this year and it's the first book that's got me excited to read again, which is how I often kick the blues. But some of the reviews I've seen are giving me pause. Lots of readers seem to have big issues with this book, and while I'm not going to read those reviews until I'm finished, I'm wondering what's in store for me.

A friend of mine was talking about how she wishes it were like "the old days," when you loved a book, you told a friend, and they told another. In a way, she's right; before we had access to endless reviews we felt freer to make up our own minds about things. I'm a huge hater of Twilight, but I've started to go easier on my adult friends who like the series because it's a shame that they have to feel ashamed for liking a book. I like plenty of stuff that others would find shameful, for example, and that's just a jerk thing to do.

As far as The Hazel Wood, I'll reserve judgment until I'm finished and won't check your thoughts until I'm finished, so feel free to share your honest feelings about it below! I have a feeling we're going into dark Alice in Wonderland territory, which is spectacular. I loved The Looking Glass Wars. Is that what I'm in for? And what fantasies have you lost yourself in lately? Anything close to The Graveyard Book or The Night Circus? Tell me your thoughts.

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