Halloween Read-A-Thon Check In

How's your progress going?

Real Book family, I have a confession to make. Our Halloween Read-a-Thon is not going so well! My husband's been working a lot of overtime to train for a new job and the time we usually spend in the car, me reading aloud as we take our teen to various activities, has been severely shortened. We're only a few chapters into The Graveyard Book and we were supposed to begin Frankenstein today! I had a few books of short stories scattered here and there for us to read as well, but here we are, not even finished with book number two!

I wanted to check in to see how your own progress is going. Are you reading along with us, or reading your own Hallowreads? If so, which books are you reading and how are your goals coming along? I love read-a-thons and goal setting but sometimes it's just nice to read at whatever pace you're comfortable reading at.

We're going to continue making our way through The Graveyard Book but we may have to reschedule Frankenstein--perhaps for next Sci Fi July, which would be fitting, since Mary Shelley is the mother of science fiction! What are your plans? Share them with us in the chat!

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