Great Books For Girl Leaders

Which of these have you read?

If you've never heard of Girls Leadership and their super cool lists of curated books about strong female characters, you need to go check it out. There are great books for every age group and I have enjoyed many of them, both on my own as well as with my family. Our favorite so far has been Bayou Magic, but there have been many wonderful books over the months we've been getting the newsletter.

If you subscribe, you can also get free materials for your own book club, like activity pages and ideas, plus tips on discussions and running your club. I did a Mighty Girls Book Club based on their books one year as well and it was a big hit. We loved meeting up, doing crafts, reading our books and enjoying snacks together.

Have you ever created a book club around a theme like this? If so, what was the theme? Share your tips in the chat.

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