Grace and Fury

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Many of the YA books that I've read this year have been on the disappointing side, but I recently read one with my Page Turners club that I loved so much. Called Grace and Fury, it's written by Tracy Banghart and it's the story of two sisters who fight to save one another in a post-Apocalyptic world in which women are secondary citizens to men (you know, more than they already are in many places). Some of it's not perfect, of course--the history told in the book isn't very deep and the mistakes one sister makes are blatantly obvious, but given that she's used to her older sister cleaning up her messes, I think that sort of works.

I love how strong both sisters become in the book. Although I don't think they were given enough time to really develop these strengths, and I feel like the ending was weird, I do love where the cliff hangs and how the book wasn't so forcefully, unecessarily long as so many YA reads are these days. We don't need everything to be 700 pages and frankly, as a working and homeschooling parent, I'm less likely to read something that will take that much time. This book has action, a touch of romance, adventure, snappy dialogue--but most of all it has the love, devotion and even irritability of two sisters, which I love so much. More like this, please!

Have you read this one yet? What did you think?

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