Goodreads Challenge Blitz

You've got less than 50 days!

2020 is almost upon us! Have you finished your Goodreads Challenge for 2019? If not, Goodreads has a great list of books under 300 words you can check out to try and read as many books as possible in the upcoming weeks. I have a few really great suggestions that I've enjoyed, too. Here are some novellas that will help you reach your goals:

All Systems Red, a fantastic award-winning sci-fi novella and starter to the Murderbot series

Grace and Fury, a feminist dystopian novel that you could read in one sitting. It's got a sequel out right now!

Joyce Carol Oates' Beasts, Rape: A Love Story or Zombie. All are incredibly stirring and short.

Any of the Wayward Children books by Seanan Mcguire. Each one is fantastic and can be read in two hours or so.

What novellas do you like? Share them in the chat!

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