Favorite Journals

Share yours!

If you're a bookworm, you're likely a journaler, too. We live in a day with so many great different types of journals available that it's hard to not be tempted by new ones when you already have one going! I saw this collection of Mighty Girl journals and was so tempted myself, just like I am every time I go into a bookstore. In fact, if I win gift cards for books, I almost always use them on journals since I check out my books from the library. The Totoro and Wonder Woman journals are adorable.

I also love to just use old battered notebooks and make them my own with stickers, doodles and cut-outs. I have a 70-page spiral notebook that I'm using as a journal this year. I like to do bullet journaling to an extent and you can do that on just about any paper, but my best bullet journal, or bujo, was in a grid-style notebook.

Do you enjoy journaling? What do you use to journal in?


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