Fall Reading Lists

What's on yours?

As fall rolls in, it's time to think about your fall reading lists! Whether you're assembling a library list to read during chilly evenings around a fire, a school list for AR points or college texts, sometimes it can require a lot of thought. Luckily libraries, used books and the Internet can usually make the process less painful, especially in the case of books for classes, but even then you do have to spend a bit to a fortune sometimes, depending on your class load.

When you're finding books on your list, don't forget some of the more obvious resources around you. Consider asking friends to either share, borrow or to purchase their books used if they've taken classes. You can sometimes even find them posted around campus for sale. 

What is on your college reading list for the fall? Share what you hope to read, what you're required to read and any books that you are excited about this fall.

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