Elections Readers for Kids

It's never to early to teach about civics!

Elections can be confusing, no matter your age. I remember not understanding the Electoral College, not having remembered it from any class I'd ever taken, and just registering can be confusing in 2018 in a time when some politicians won't even let you vote if there's a discrepancy in one letter of your name or you don't have a physical address. That's why it's so important to teach civics from an early age, and right now is the perfect time to be reding books about the government and elections in general.

Glimmersnaps has a great list of books and resources you can use to create your own unit study about elections and government. There are maps, prompts and even videos to help educate the young people in your life about these topics. These resources could even help you brush up on them yourself! 

Are you reading any literature about government and elections with the midterms looming around the corner? What are you reading?

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