Cute Book Clutch Purse

A book lover's delight

If you love your books as much as I do, you want them made into everything from stairs to floating book shelves, which I've done. Like I said last week, I use my books for bookends, and I pretty much want them everywhere. Marie Kondo says you should only have 30 books? Ha! I have that many in my bathroom, and double that checked out from the library.

So you can bet when I saw that they're making book clutches you can buy and use for purchase, I let out a pretty sharp squee. How would you like to use a copy of Pride and Prejudice for your purse? Whether you want Hamlet, Moby Dick or the Hamilton script, you can get it made as a purse. Check out these purse makers on Etsy to see all of the different ones for sale right now.

Would you use a book as a purse? Would that even be enough room to hold everything you need? Share your thoughts in the chat.

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