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Do you have a love of reading, a business that might involve reading books or anything you want to promote? You might want to create a Goodreads book list to help highlight your services. So many blogs offer book lists, whether as random shares or targeted information for their audiences, without offering links to share the books. Some of these do link to but if you create a Goodreads List, your audience just might thank you.

Goodreads lists allow you to add all of the books on a single list to your to-read pile at once, which lets you skip all of those individual adds that can be cumbersome if you are adding many books at once. With over 7,000 books on my shelf I know this can be time consuming! Not only that but it will help share your name when people look for these lists. I've found so many great book lists by blogs I follow only to have to add them all manually when lists like these would make it much easier to add.

Have you ever created a Goodreads list for others to enjoy? Share it with us!


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