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Back when we bought the whole Lord of the Rings expanded set more than a decade ago, it came with the coolest Argonath bookends. You can see some for sale here. Like this set for sale, mine have also been broken many, many times, but they've also been hot glued as many times! I'm also known to use stacks of books for bookends because why waste book space?

This collection of fabulous bookends has me wanting a bunch of cool ones for my own, especially that Death Star set. How awesome would it be to have enormous geodes for your bookends? Homemade sculptures, flower pots and other pretty objects work well, too. You can also get plain blocks of wood and either paint them or attach your favorite photos (or print pictures of your favorite books and attach them) for some really unique bookends.

Do you have any beautiful bookends you'd like to share? Post about them in the chat!

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