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What's your favorite story?

As a lifelong lover of books, I will read almost any type of book, although I also have my favorite genres. My daughter, who turns 13 this weekend, is growing out of children's literature (how are we just now getting around to reading Charlotte's Web?) and I really hope that she returns to it someday, with her own kids or without. Right now she doesn't want any and I'm not partial to being a grandparent to a human or a cat, so whatever she does is up to her! Still, I don't really remember ever not wanting to read children's books anymore, so if she thinks things are "for babies," I do hope that it's temporary.

I find myself trying to squeeze in some last minute kids' lit, like Charlotte's Web, in this year even as we read books like The Night Gardener and Harry Potter, hoping that there's still time. She still has days where she enjoys stories like these, but most days she prefers more teen-oriented materials, and that's normal. This list of 100 great children's lit pieces is a good place to start if you're wanting to do the same, and though we've read many of them, some, like The Book of Three, remain on my list.

Do you still love children's lit as an adult? Which books are your favorites?

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